Which fitness band has the best battery life?

Thanks to an easy-to-replace button cell battery, this device allows you to use it for about a year before you need to change it. This device is also a good option if you want an activity tracker that looks more like a standard wristwatch. The Withings Move ECG has a traditional analog-style clock face, and you can choose between white and blue or black with yellow. Fitness and health functions include ECG tracking, sleep tracking, a silent alarm that wakes you up with a vibration, tracking standard activity, and tracking swimming.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is a small and ingenious device. It looks, feels and works similar to how a Fitbit would, and smartwatch functionality takes a backseat to highly advanced fitness features. Between workouts, there's plenty of time to charge. While five days may seem like nothing compared to what you'll find with other activity trackers on this list, they're pretty decent considering everything you can do with this device.

Along with the usual fitness statistics, the Charge HR monitors your heart rate and sleep stages. It also provides more information about your workouts than other monitors (including the Fitbit Charge, which offers many of the same features minus heart rate tracking), since it allows you to see how far you are working at any given time. This tracker also incorporates some Smartwatch Lite features, including call notifications on the wrist. If you're training for a marathon or working to achieve specific fitness goals that involve measuring your heart rate, it might be worth sacrificing battery life.

The Galaxy Watch 5 currently offers the best fitness tracking experience in a smartwatch — well, for Android users. Like all smartwatches, battery life is affected due to the large amount of software and the screen, but the variety of tracking functions and the solid accuracy make this a good option to consider. However, as a tracker, the Fitbit Versa 3 is still a solid option. Battery life is important for a fitness tracker, and that's why it's often difficult to recommend a smartwatch.

In our tests, we found that the watch consistently lasted around three and a half days of use, including sensors such as the heart rate monitor and the integrated GPS. For a watch, this is great and even beats the Charge 5 by a small margin, which normally had around three days of battery life during our review period. The rest of the basic health and fitness functions are as precise as you would expect from one of the best Garmin watches. Samsung's latest generation doesn't change the Galaxy Watch 4 series' formula much, but this smartwatch can still offer an excellent fitness tracking experience.

In reality, many smartwatches have fitness tracking tools, and many fitness trackers have smartwatch functions. While the average battery power of a fitness tracker is around 100 mAh, the best performing fitness trackers can have a battery of at least 200 to 260 mAh.

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